Welcome To My Womb Visions Website!


I am creating this site for me to write and be open and transparent as I can about my journey’s as a man being called deep into the womb awakening path of love through the magical feminine mysteries of the subconscious.

For this purpose and in order to be fully exposed raw Open and vulnerable and without needing praise or credibility, the one thing I will hide is my true identity, so I will go by the code name Blackwood.

I am here to express and to be witnessed as well as hold up the mirror for your own self reflection.

At some point I may offer services or products on the site as well as possibly recommend some key resources within my journeys of the womb awakening and visioning a new earth on this planet.

A key aspect at least for me in the journey of womb visioning and awakening is that this is the path of love and so it is also the path of the beloved’s.

To feel the deep call for true love and sacred union emerging in harmony Divine feminine and sacred masculine.

To fill the call, to feel the mission, to feel the vision, to build a stand, to feel the plan, To feel the healing powers in our hands, the extensions of our hearts.

I most likely will share some very personal and intimate things on this site so make sure to check out the blog and other pages as well.